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Ontwikkelaar(s): Femke van der Ster – Peter Henkes – Jelle van der Ster

Beschrijving: Create your Work of Art, with some help from world-famous old masters. We collect cut-outs from Great Works of Art and present them in the five classical painterly taxonomies; Sceneries, People, Animals, Objets and Skies. It’s all you need to make awesome Art. Bring the cut-outs to your canvas, pinch, move, duplicate them to make Collages never seen in the History of Art! Use the wheel to slide images back and forth, frame your work and add a Title. Curious where the detail came from? Tap the i and drag the ‘missing part’ into the original. Share your Masterpiece through facebook, e.mail, put it on your camera-roll, or put it in our webgallery for all the world to see and enjoy. Every fortnight, one entry will be reviewed by our professional art-critic.

Website: Muse App

Gebruikte data: o.a. Amsterdam Museum, Rijksmuseum

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App-wedstrijd: Open Cultuur Data Competitie